Euregion Film Festival 2017

dinsdag 25 april 19.45 uur

Totale speelduur: 78 minuten.

Alle films zijn Engels gesproken en/of ondertiteld


De winnende films van het Euregion Film Festival 2017 zullen tijdens deze tour te zien zijn, aangevuld met de favoriet van de programmeur van het festival. Het gaat om:

  • Best Short FilmAllegory of the Jam Jar (België, 18 minuten, Boris Kuijpers & Ruth Mellaerts)
    Hans, a 50 year old business man, has a challenging job, a wonderful collection of ties and a pristine apartment. One day, when a crack appears in the perfect walls of his home, Hans slowly starts losing control of his seemingly perfect life.
  • Best Euregional Short Film: Tien (Nederland, 14 minuten, Nathalie Crum)
    Martinus’ Plak is a campingsite in the Dutch province of Brabant and its name hides a touching story. 10 year old Jolijn, daughter of Martinus (‘Tien’ for short), explains how she is concerned that Martinus, who died when she was two, is going to be forgotten – especially not that her mother is going to remarry.
  • Audience Award & Youth Jury Award: Scrabble (Zwitserland, 12 minuten, Cristian Sulser)
    Trapped in a dull and loveless marriage with his competitive wife, the weekly scrabble game presents an unexpected opportunity for Theo. A few magical letters turn Theo’s darkest fantasies into reality. Suddenly, the grumpy couple is playing a board game of life and death.
  • Special Jury Prize: IJzer in Mijn Aderen (Nederland, 20 minuten, Guido Coppis)
    A short film about guild, loss and ignorance.
  • Programmer’s favorite: Boudewijn (Nederland, 14 minuten, Vincent Fitz-Jim)
    Boudewijn, a 55 year old man, is about to meet Robin. Tobin is 25, that’s all Boudewijn knows of him. The excitement of not knowing what’s coming turns him on. But nothing is what it seems.